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The concept of a library at colleges a few years ago was that of an old room full of dusty and spider-webbed shelves with huge disarrayed heaps of books piled up. This is not the case any longer. With the significant technological changes computerized automation has been invading education’s turf for a few decades and it has introduced in the management of libraries. SmartLib is an all-inclusive ideal library management solution that computerizes your library for the effortless in finding, choosing from all the varieties of books in a library. The calculation and remittance of fine for delayed return can be made. With this fully automated library management solution, your librarian can catalogue books, keep the track of the issued, submitted, and delayed submission books. This software easily handles the maintenance of the library media collections including books, CDs, documents, equipment, etc.

Orell is a futuristic Information Technology powered Software Service Provider
exclusively serving the Educational Sectors of the world.

Team Orell comprising of a bunch of experienced professionals is ready to help you out with all the software requirements at your educational institution
Orell is an ISO Certified, Dependable & Socially Committed equal opportunity Company with offices in India, UAE and USA