Cloud Based Library Management- SmartLib

SmartLib, powered by Orell Software Solutions is the world’s most advanced Library Management System. It aids any library to have essential elements that help them face the complexities and challenges regarding cataloguing, database and manual errors with its futuristic cloud facility. The cloud system is a storage service that maintains controls and secures the data in a distant platform. The cloud facility helps the users to find and save files online and access that information from any corner of the world at any time.

The Library departments have been seeking a proper management system for the proper functioning of an educational institution.

For an application software’s deliverance, cloud is the most recent and flexible concept. The main advantage of cloud technology is that it makes use of internet instead of installing and running the software on a computer. The software runs on a web server and the users can have access to it once they are availed with only a web browser from anywhere. The technology used in clouds causes considerable reduction in cost management and its effective for libraries of either larger or smaller dimensions. Via cloud, the obstacles in installation, use, support, maintenance, conservation, safety, security and backup are eluded. Cloud has brought a new revolution in the IT world for use of Software and leading organizations across the globe are switching over to Cloud model from the traditional model for use of software.

Features of Cloud Based SMART LIB

  • In a cloud based software frequent updates in hardware and software are not necessary
  • Cost-effective way of ownership
  • Precise and smart information provider
  • Up-to-date and responsive service
  • Customization options ranging great varieties
  • Enhanced and improved performance and delivery
  • The most recent technology and codes
  • Online Payment Register / Renew now done easily
  • Circulation Rules (Value). Resource Value based Circulation Policy.
  • Stakeholders can have corporate membership
  • Family/ corporate membership can be generated
  • Renewing beforehand from webOPAC
  • Mails to stakeholders on the coming of resource materials
  • Retaining connection before expiry
  • The Publisher's Catalog has more information about the resource from Amazon.
  • Additional information of the resource is accessed from Amazon in webOPAC.
  • Patron can create and view wishlist in webOPAC.
  • Patrons can publish reviews from webOPAC.
  • Cloud Smart Libcan send webOPAC Login info from Dashboard.
  • Cloud Smart Lib can make use of its own mail server.
  • You can form and take prints of Cloud Smart Lib Proposal.
  • Cloud Smart Lib can create widget for webOPAC and Login.
  • Cloud Smart Lib with Recall, spell check and Language feature.
  • User can see Cloud Smart Lib About us in webOPAC.
  • A user is enabled with a facility of making his or her own theme
  • The cloud system is entirely web-based
  • Open systems design for easy, seamless allocation.
  • Read and find numerous newspapers across the globe
  • Timely conduct all the updates in the server
  • You can send the list of items of stakeholder interest on email.
  • Cloud Smart Lib can put their own icons to identify the item.
  • True 3-tier thin client, server-centric design for easy management.
  • Updates are installed on the server only. We perform all updates.
  • Latest post-relational database technology enables powerful and self-customized reporting.
  • Complete scalability for any size of library or consortia, any number of holdings and users.
  • Cross-platform performance on any workstation, or browser.
  • Rock-solid performance from a development team experienced in mission-critical applications.


  • Online Public Access Catalog (OPAC)
  • Cataloging
  • Authority Management
  • Serials Management
  • Circulation
  • Scheduling
  • Reporting : Standard & Custom
  • Standards : MARC 21, Z39.50, SQL, etc.
  • Reservations
  • Acquisitions