Library management- Then and now

Magnanimous transformation and progress are taking place at school, college and university libraries because of the installation of Integrated Virtual libraries in spite of the changes, challenges and anticipations of today’s youth.

The method of managing libraries has been going under tremendous changes these years. The old-school method of library management has been out-fashioned by modern Library management. Library Management System is a systematic method of managing and accessing the entire tasks of a library within a few clicks. The easy and interactive modules of Library Management are the key benefits of library management systems. The librarian or admin can handle the elementary housekeeping tasks of a library like storing the details such as book, issue, price, author of all the books in a library. The information on any book can be availed with the library management system when a staff member login as a user.

Today’s library management services are nothing less of multi-skilled automated systems that administer knowledge and the comprehension of multiple disciplines ranging from literature to science. Library management systems contain all the features and options a bibliophile would want to make use of. With the advent of smart phones and internet students tend to spare more time on activities like video gaming and chatting. The Libraries are automated and new technologies are incorporated in educational sectors with a view to reinforce the lost habit of reading in children, students and elders all across the world.