Library Management Systems are web based software that enable educational institutions to administer books and other information to students, teachers and staff. It provides comparatively easy ways for librarians to create and store their library collections. It lets students and teachers to interact and associate through multiple platforms. Schools and colleges use this system to increase classroom reaching in libraries. There are so many benefits to Smartlib. Here are some:

1. User-friendly

The user-friendly interface of Smartlib is simple and effective and can be easily incorporated with the existing library system. The automated backup data and the easy upgradation of SmartLib simplify and enhance learning.

2. Augment use of Libraries

Students have access to library books 24/7 a week from any corner of the world and can have spontaneous results devoid of tiresome searches. It lets the users have access to different information that comes in different types like books, publications, eBooks, videos, photos, audios etc.

3. Data via Cloud

Automates library database securely for the institutions to benefit from cloud technology.

4. Highly Secure & Reliable

Colleges benefit from SmartLib because of the highly secure and reliable access they have on libraries resulting high efficiency and seamless functioning.

5. Free of errors

The SmartLib Library Management has been designed in such a clear-cut, easy to use and powerful manner that enables easy entry of data and an error-free interface.

6. Evokes innovation

Reading leads to enlightenment. Students having access to libraries 24/7 with Library Management software are probably like to excel at academics by indulging more into articles, books and other information.

7. Can be customized

The library automation system is fully customizable and adaptable to the needs of educational institutions to provide fast, reliable data.

8. Cost-effective

Embracing sophisticated technologies is cost-effective and a viable choice for education institutions. Using cloud, mobile and digital libraries eliminates paper-based processes and maintenance overheads, improves productivity, reduces operation costs and saves time.

9. Meets all the International Standards

SmartLib Library Management Software conforms to all the international parameters required to fulfill the tasks in a library