SmartLib Library Management Software has a user friendly framework that consists of three modules- Librarian, student interface and staff/ library staff/ mentors Interface Let’s go through each of them


In a Computerized Library Management System the librarian manages the library activities in digital set-up. It negates the chances of losing and damage of paper works, documents and files. The transaction can be conducted with less time and more effect by the user. The books can be managed properly in the library with the system. Besides that, library management system also allows user to manage the publisher as well as lost book module. The library staff can handle the staff and view the report module.


  • The entire system is monitored by the librarian
  • They are enabled to send messages to the user
  • Librarians can upload the question papers which can be downloaded with the student module
  • In the database the name of the institution, details and the logo can be entered
  • By entering the member and media barcode the media can be issued to the members.
  • Create different department at the institute.
  • The fees collected and to be paid are marked
  • Reports of books those are either damaged or missing.
  • Management of media created
  • Media supplement entry supervision.
  • Librarian provides facility of student and staff registration and login.
  • Different reports are generated by the Librarian- student, teacher, issue, and book reports
  • Each transaction is marked by the librarian
  • Set the fine amount for lost or damaged media.
  • The search, transaction, report generation, validation can be performed
  • The registration or edit of the member or the book
  • Maintains profile or records on search, edit, and print ID card.
  • Librarian can stick the barcode on the book cover
  • Either admin or the librarian can have access to the book transaction module.
  • Librarian scans in the member id and barcode id when the reader borrows a book.
  • The students and the staff maintain Library management system using the software and reduce the workload
  • Blacklisting of user profiles – tract users and categorize user profiles with lists.


This system is designed for a user friendly environment so that student and staff of library can perform the various tasks easily and in an effective way. Through this part of the portal students can log in and have access to the library data.


  • Users are allowed to have access to all learning materials
  • By using the media type, author, publisher and title students can search for books, articles media and publications.
  • Students can have access to the question papers from previous year and the solutions with the multiple options for search with the words like year, genre etc.
  • The e-books enable the students to read out loud and delve deep into the language
  • Students are enabled with the right to gather materials
  • Students can see the condition of availability and rate the books after the read
  • The books issued, their issue and return dates are visible to the logged in students
  • The students can make requests to the librarian to book books for them
  • Either the user or the admin himself can have access to the book transaction modules
  • Students can manage to find out a particular book, video or a member from the database with the search option
  • The books can be read both online and offline
  • The reservation and bibliography can be observed by the client
  • Facility for fee collection and receipt creation


Library management system is all about organizing, managing the library and library-oriented tasks. It also involves maintaining the database of entering new books and the record of books that have been retrieved or issued, with their respective dates.

Features - Library Staff

  • Staff is enabled to master the reservation process
  • Management of payment and the collection of pending payment
  • Blacklisting of user profiles – tract users and categorize user profiles with lists.
  • Catalogue Mechanism (Online)- One can access and check the availability of media
  • Reports are generated after the data is gathered from software
  • All round statistics help admin to assess and map the import of books and keep record
  • Staff pay- incorporate payroll to librarian.

Features - Mentors

  • Mentors can search for different media, journal and magazines by using media type, title, author, publisher, subject/category or keywords.
  • Mentors can upload learning materials like videos,audios etc.
  • Mentors can add previous year question papers along with the solutions.
  • Reading out e-books.
  • Freedom to collect material.
  • Mentors can also check the availability status of a particular book online.
  • Mentors after logging in their accounts can see list of books issued and its issue date and return date and also the students can request the librarian to reserve books.
  • Book Transaction module can be accessed by Mentors.
  • Search videos media/member.
  • Online/Offline read options are available.
  • Mentors can rate books.
  • Mentors can check their reservation status and book bibliography.