Mobile App

Apart from our Library Management Software, Orell Software Solutions also introduces an advanced Mobile Application that caters to all the requirements of a user to find the book or literary work that he/she seeks.

Using the App, the library catalogue can be browsed and searched by title, author, publisher and the user defined categories. The information displayed includes all the above fields in addition to the availability information of the book. If a book is issued, the App informs the patron about the expected return date of the book. Libraries have the well opportunity to extend new different types of library services to users. Mobile apps can potentially help today’s students by providing ubiquitous access to library e-resources, OPAC, Library digest, news,formation or bulletin of a library, news email, social networking sites,newspapers, and podcasts and multimedia learning materials along with more channels for interaction etc. Mobile app also helps the librarian manage the library better, with desktop based interface to manage the accession register, supplement register and issue register.

OPAC is an important acronym to remember when you pursue more about mobile applications that digitize libraries. OPAC stands for Online Public Access Catalogue. It is an online database for materials held by a library or a group of libraries. This technology lets users locate a particular book they desire to read. It is an advanced technology for it helps the users in a large scale. The newest search technologies lets the users locate a particular book from a particular author belonging to a particular genre. Through the manual method, it could potentially take days to find the right text. But with the app one can get his/her hands on the pdf/downloadable version of the book.


  • Libraries can upload book database
  • Users can search book details from database from any corner of the world using their smart phone
  • Claim and reserve books
  • Works as a common platform for library community to share knowledge
  • Round the clock access- No time is wasted by avoiding ones physical presence at the library
  • Users can find rarest of books that are impossible to find manually through this app
  • There are a lot to choose from because books belonging to various authors, languages, publishers and genres are included in the database.
  • Cost effective instant result
  • Easy to access and no training and further instructions are required
  • Useful for college, university, school, public, government, private and autonomous libraries.

MOBILE APP - Attribute

  • Users can have access to the information of the college without depending on a computer
  • Media of different kinds- creation and management
  • Marking and recording the books stacked in the library
  • The generation and printing of barcode and smartcard
  • Media supplement entry supervision.
  • Reservation of the media
  • Collect and retain the issues of the books
  • Circulation management alert system.
  • Report on damaged and missing books
  • Gathering fee and fine
  • Can locate a particular video, member and media


  • Cost effective
  • Simplicity
  • Rich searching interface
  • Barcode supporter
  • Online help/Manual
  • Excellent after sale support
  • Custom reports